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Turtle Forum 2010 Halloween Carving Contest

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The fall nip is in the air and that signals the time of year for gourd slashing!

Yep, it's HERE...


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dubois created the talented ten The Turtle Forum 2010 Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contest

To Enter just reply to the Pinned Topic in the Turtle Lounge
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Tom C 
- 10-02-10 20:18 - 0 comments

Upgrade is complete. The upgrade went surprisingly fast and free of errors that needed time to adjust, so that either means my time away has cleared my mind and allowed the technical tiger in me to pounce this task....or, most likely, it's because I forgot to do a few things. Time will tell.

I've gone ahead and turned the search function back on (remember that capability?) since there are supposedly improvements which have been made to the search functionality. We'll see how it goes. If the forum starts bombing out like it use to, I'll go ahead and try to get the 3rd party software search function up and running. It's none-too friendly from a management perspective but as long as it works in the end.

I've also put up a few skins and should be getting a few more up and running in the near future.

As always, if there are any issues that you are experiencing since the upgrade that you were not experiencing before the upgrade, please post in the Help Forum and make the title of your post state "UPGRADE" and then a word or two about your issues.

Example: Upgrade-Can't breathe
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October 2010

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Happy 9th Anniversary: and's Photo Contest is celebrating their 9th year of awesome photography and subject matter. Turtles of course! Many Thanks to Retired Admin Dana:) who created the contest and to Admin Beth who took over when Dana:) retired. Of course ATP's Photo Contest could not have continued without the loyalty of those of you who have submitted photos and voted over the years. Let's make the 9th year the best ever, keep submitting those pictures and don't forget to cast your vote each month for your favorite picture!

Beginner's ID Game: It is tempting to jump into ID topics in the Turtle Identification Forum and guess at an ID. But guessing is not the purpose of the ID forum. It is a forum for identification based on fact and experience only. In order to assist members and staff who would like to work on or improve their ID skills, our moderator, Grumps1stBorn, has created a Beginner's ID Game in the Turtle Identification Forum. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and educational. Grumps1stBorn is still looking for more photo's so if you have some you think would work please send her a pm. Once you conquer the Beginning ID Game you may be brave enough to venture into the Advanced ID Game! Thank you Grumps for an excellent game ~thmbu

Member News: ATP is once again holding Turtle Forum Halloween Costume and Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contests for our membership. Last year we had so many spooky, creative, fun costumes and jack-o-lanterns that the competition was frightening. Many of the costumes and carvings were veritable works of art. There will be two separate contest topics, you may enter both. Watch the Turtle Lounge for the pinned topics around the 15th of the month. Entries will be closed the evening of November 5th with the TF Community wide voting through the 11th. The winner of each contest will be announced on November 12th. The prize in each category is a free 6 month Premier Membership or 1 year Premier Renewal.

Premier Member News: Congratulations to Boxie Lady for winning the Premier Battle Thread! She played well and posted fast. Thank you Tammy for your competitive spirit, lively conversation and a lot of fun. Here she is, our Premier Battle Thread Champ, modeling her prize!
Poster Extraordinaire! ~fn-hdbng


From the Desk of ATP Tom C
Monthly tidbits and ramblings

Hey folks! I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed their time in Daytona. I wanted to go this year but my doctor told me she’d break my legs if I did, so that kinda put a snafu in those plans! It also looks like we just might make the deadline for finances for this year’s server costs. We’re right at the last week and we’re only a few bucks shy, so if you plan on donating or becoming a Premier Member – now would be a good time :)

I’m going to be taking the forum offline this weekend for a major upgrade. So, don’t think that things went south forum-wise in the unlikely event that the forum isn’t back online Sunday morning. Just know that all is going well for the forum, it’s just that not all is going well technically for the forum. But, as usual, I won’t rest until it’s back up and 98% operational. By 98% I mean that ~ang-cnsrd search function whose attitude continues to elude me and some of the better technical folks I’ve spoken with. I’m hopeful that this issue will be resolved (or at least resolvable) with the latest update. I’m also hopeful that I’ll win the lottery and we see how far that’s gotten me. But, we’ll see.

Other than that, I’m hoping to be able to come back and get back into the groove of things, but time (and health) will tell. Admin and Staff have done a FANTASTIC job in keeping you guys and gals taken care of and keeping the forum up and running. I want to say a special thanks to Kent, Dawn and Lynbob for continually keeping me updated, taking care of everything that I use to take care of and for basically keeping this place afloat in my extended absence. ALL Staff and Admin have done an awesome job, so my thanks goes out to all of them.

Good news and bad news. Well, those can be wrapped up into one singularity: At some point soon, I’ll be back. That’s good news for some, and the remaining 99% probably thinks that stinks. But, eh, whatcha gonna do? It is what it is :P


For all the latest Turtle and Tortoise news check out the ATP's Chelonian Gazette


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http://img.photobuck...s/1trbdturt.gif for the Birthday Announcements and post your well wishes. [IMG][/IMG]

[IMG][/IMG]How Many Of What Turtles Do You Keep?[IMG][/IMG]

http://img.photobuck...tion/camera.gif :PHOTO [IMG][/IMG] CONTEST: http://img.photobuck...tion/camera.gif
********* Now in it's 9th year *********

Congratulations to ATP's Photo Contest
on the anniversary of its 9th year of Contests!


September's winner


with his picture of Lemmy a 2 year old

Northern diamondback terrapin
(Malaclemys terrapin)

We will now be collecting photos for October.
Please visit the Photo Contest to see all of
September's contestants, check out past winners.
[IMG][/IMG]Where in the World Are You? http://img.photobuck...eintheworld.gif


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Eastern [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] Turtle

Terrapene carolina carolina

Photo by Billy (Acutus)

Description: Medium-sized steeply domed land-based turtle designed mainly for protection rather than speed, and for crawling around on land rather than swimming into water (though they wade into water bodies and like to soak). The carapace and plastron are extensive and very strong; the plastron has a single hinge and can close very tightly against the carapace, sealing the turtle in so well only the shell is visible (unless the animal is too obese). The skin tends to have a dark base color (i.e.: somewhat olive) but variably extensive yellow or orange spotting or blotching may pattern, or almost completely obscure, the dark base color. Appearance varies wildly, particularly in males. Like the skin, the carapace tends to have a dark (i.e.: olive to black) base color, coated with variably extensive yellow (or somewhat orange) irregular markings (i.e.: streaks) and The anterior forelegs have large scales. Gender Discrimination: Males tend to have lighter irises (light orange to bright red), whereas females’ irises are darker/browner. Males also tend to have brighter, more elaborate coloration/patterning of the face and forelegs. Size: ~ 4 – 6” SCL.

Native Range: Eastern U.S. - from the East Coast westward to east Texas and Oklahoma, and from extreme northern Florida northwards up to Massachusetts and Michigan.

Native Habitat: A terrestrial species of fields, woodlands and roadsides often found near forest edges. Areas often have substantial grasses or leaf litter. The patterned skin and shell camouflage well against a tall, dense grassy or a leaf litter background.

Pro.s: Mainly land-based care lends itself to ease of care in large outdoor pens in native range or comparable climate, if you can provide for outdoor hibernation. Can be kept in groups (but males may fight & sexual harassment can be problematic). Fairly personable as turtles go. Omnivorous diet lets keepers enjoy them as predators (whereas with most tortoises one need observe near strict herbivory). Eastern Box Turtles have a much better reputation as pets than Ornate Box Turtles (which are slightly smaller but reputedly problem-prone in captivity), and have a more ornate carapace than 3-Toed Box Turtles (which are otherwise quite similar, just drabber looking).

Con.s: Terrestrial animals can’t ‘swim’ in air, so enclosure space utilization is much more limited than with a water turtle. They preferentially pass waste while soaking, fouling their water. Poor water quality can lead to health problems (i.e.: ear abscesses), but water containers shallow enough to pose no drowning risk can be hard to filter, and containers with gradual slope to aid entry and exit are harder to find – so the ‘soaking pond’ setup may require thought and engineering. Enclosure humidity levels are important. The enclosure will need a substrate of some sort, ideally offering different ‘microclimates’ (i.e: an area of peat moss frequently moistened for a higher humidity area). Hatchlings and young juveniles are very shy/timid, slow and awkward, often won’t eat readily even when presented with live prey, prefer to stay hidden and can get over-stressed (keep your hands off!). Growth is slow. Box turtles have a reputation for being prone to attempt hibernation in captivity even indoors when kept warm, which can be problematic (& I would guess more an issue with older wild-caughts). Box turtles sold in pet stores are almost always wild-caughts, which are apt to have parasites and are reputedly fairly often don’t adapt optimally to captivity. Popular wisdom holds box turtles are prone to persistently try to walk through clear-walled enclosures (i.e.: aquariums). Eastern Box Turtles are legally protected (ownership requiring a permit or outlawed) in much of their natural range at the state law level.

Special Notes: North American Box Turtles are not a good ‘beginner turtle’ for most and are sadly far more common in the pet hobby than they should be, mainly wild-caught adults in the hands of the ignorant public (i.e.: often snatched from the wild to be a child's pet; most kids soon find them very boring). They are actually a fairly challenging animal to maintain. You forego the hassles of large water filters and submersible heaters used on aquatic setups, but must contend with enclosure humidity levels, providing and periodically cleaning substrate, and somehow providing consistently clean, fairly shallow water with easy entry & exit.

Additional Resources:

-----A.) Austin's Turtle Page Care Sheet on Eastern Box Turtles.
-----B.) Turtles of the World (C.H. Ernst, R.G.M. Altenburg & R.W. Barbour) - ETI World Biodiversity Database Online - Common Box Turtle entry (covers some other subspecies, too).
-----C.) World of Turtles Photo Gallery on Eastern Box Turtles.
-----D.) The Box Turtle Manual - by Philipp De Vosjoli. A care guide.
-----E.) North American Box Turtles, a Natural History - C. Kenneth Dodd. Useful for understanding their natural history.
-----F.) Your First Land-based Turtle - how to choose one.

Similar Species: 3-Toed Box Turtles have drab carapaces but are otherwise similar. Ornate Box Turtles are a bit smaller, lean more toward carnivory and are allegedly much more problem-prone in captivity. Gulf Coast Box Turtles are less ornate, substantially larger & originate from the warm southeast - not a good outdoor hibernation candidate in much of the U.S. Florida Box Turtles are ornate/beautiful and almost exclusively occur in Florida so not a good choice for outdoor hibernation in much of the U.S. Many people think tortoises are ‘similar’ to box turtles, but box turtles look different, spend more time in water than some tortoises, and are strongly omnivorous.

Happy Halloween from Beaky
Eastern Box Turtle

Photo by Katie


http://img.photobuck...alloween2/A.gif [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
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September photo contest

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- 09-28-10 21:42 - 0 comments

September photo contest

Don't forget to vote for your favorite photo!

Click here to vote!
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Maintenance finished

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Thanks to Tom and Kent our maintenance has been finished for the night. The forum wont be going offline tonight as planned though. Next weekend we will be offline for a bit to do an upgrade. We will let you know more when it gets closer so all you TF addicts can plan something to do during our down time. ~aw-flwr

Thanks everyone!
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